Live From The Chocolate Wars by John Grey

It is an army at rest.
A brown army camped inside a box.
Its disguise is more clever
for being no disguise.
Its pineapple shape
conceals a pineapple,
its strawberry, a strawberry.
Years ago, its predecessors
declared war on my thin waistline.
Based on that success,
it' s been sending reinforcements ever since.
No longer cheap supermarket brands however.
These latest troops are Swiss and German.
And no need to inarch, to attack my flanks.
They merely tempt from brightly colored camps
The battle is furious but brief.
Unlike all other wars,
the victors are no longer,
the vanquished survives.
Also, the lands of the conquered
are not taken from him.
In fact, they expand a little
with every loss.

by John Grey, Johnston RI, <>