These are real people and organizations who have supported me directly in my research on cacao. I was not paid or granted favors to promote them. I hope you find them as interesting and resourceful as I do.  Not to be reckoned with, this is what I call the ultimate resource for all things chocolate. Unveiled at the Smithsonian by humble founder Mark Xian. Cocoa Research Centre at The University of The West Indies, Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago; AKA home of the International Cocoa Gene Bank. Professional Chocolate School founded by the ever sweet Pam Williams.   Home of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative, This Non-profit organization is focused on supporting professionals in the fine chocolate industry.  Learn more about heirloom cacao here:   Taste bean to bar chocolate from one of my earliest guides. Home of Happy Chocolate and Future Chocolate in Palo Alto, CA. Founded by Sunita De Tourreil

Ever growing, this economic leader and educational goldmine continues to build it's loyal following for a reason. Find out why at 

Specifically aimed to empower those with the fewest resources, Food Empowerment Project was introduced to me by friends and founders of Nooch Vegan Market in Denver Colorado early 2013. While I am not vegan (my twin sister is) I find the issues of food justice and sustainability critical to us all. Here you will find a regularly updated list of recommended and non-recommended chocolate brands based on ethical cacao sourcing practices.  See it here: