When used in the order listed below, these tools serve as a guide to find and enjoy that special chocolate! 

STEP 1: FIND CHOCOLATE with or without MAPS

My favorite trips are when I find something chocolatey by surprise. However, when you can plan to add a pit stop for chocolate, why not? Homemade fudge at the family owned gas station in the middle of nowhere may be so good, it becomes your regular destination.  A rare cacao infusion may have found its way to that restaurant you frequently pass by, but never go in.  Don't miss these sweet spots!

Check out  http://chocomap.com/chocomap-mobile.html from friends at  http://www.ecolechocolat.com/ 

STEP 2: Compatability check with LISTS

A certain chocolate holds your curiosity. Now what?  Own your wants and needs. Is this the right chocolate for you? 

Solely based on packaging, we may not know immediately if a product is in line with our diet or values. Information can be overwhelming. I recommend using these lists as an introduction to navigate your own shortcuts.

This list is comprised of educated recommendations for anyone concerned about labor violations, fair trade, and source of origin.  It may be helpful once you've arrived to a place that offers a wide variety of unfamiliar chocolate goods. Visit http://www.foodispower.org/chocolate-list/ 

STEP 3: DO THE WORK and HAVE FUN !  Explore your relationship with chocolate using FLAVOR GUIDES

So. You found chocolate. Your heart is soaring.  How do you enjoy it? What aspects do you prefer? Not sure where to begin? Explore your palate with these handy guides for tasting and pairing. (more coming soon)

Can't find the words to describe your experience? Is this particularly the case in moments of happiness? Or, are you sick of repetitive misused dribble? I know a place or two where words are rejected to describe what you taste. So what can you say if you don't know how to say it? You may not know right away, but you may find something similar in the positive lexicography, "an evolving index of 'untranslatable' words related to wellbeing from across the world's languages", created by Dr. Tim Lomas. Boost your confidence, emotional IQ, and vocabulary here:      



Homebody? In the middle of nowhere? Allow adventure to come to you! Explore your senses with these AFFILIATES of HFC.