Hunting for Chocolate is much more than, literally hunting for chocolate. So what does that mean?

Ultimately, hunting for chocolate is the pursuit of happiness.

How did the hunt begin? 

It all goes back to living childhood dreams.

As a little girl, Heather Holland sought out chocolate at the expense of her mother's sleep, calling for it in her dreams. Her hunt has grown as she has, exploring chocolate as she explores the world.  After a project in Nepal supporting efforts against human trafficking, she stumbled upon an article about similar dark violations of human rights in the cocoa industry, including child labor.

Enraged that the sweets of her childhood dreams were sourced from the living nightmares of others, Heather found herself full of questions unanswered on a wrapper, craving only truth. To this day, her hunt for chocolate expands far beyond flavor.


Welcome to the hunt! 

I'm thrilled to have chocolate as a positive connection to others in the world. Hunting for chocolate is as much about people as it is about chocolate. Here you will find stories, interviews, and resources, revealing less considered aspects of chocolate.

That story about me calling for chocolate in my sleep is my favorite and earliest chocolate related memory. Preserving our memories is important to me, not just for sentiment, but for human connection. In psychological studies of all age groups, childhood memories have been linked as the greatest influence of our decisions.

And yes, that's me covered in chocolate. If I'm going to cover the topic of something, I may as well be fully immersed in it. It isn't as glamorous as it looks (it was freezing), though neither are the lives of the hardworking individuals striving to protect and preserve the very cacao trees and farming communities where chocolate is sourced from.

I invite you now to join my exploration of the hidden world of chocolate, and to pursue what brings you happiness, unless it's patronizing bunny rabbits.

Happy hunting,