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I am hunting for chocolate related stories from your real life experiences.

Do you recall a favorite chocolate related memory? A bittersweet disaster? I am seeking the best of chocolate times, the worst of chocolate times, and your nitty-gritty, flavorful notes in between. 

Example ideas for stories:

Do you consider yourself a chocolate nerd? Is there a standout moment that changed the way you view or enjoy chocolate? Do you have strong opinions about chocolate or cacao? Are you fascinated by the history and sourcing of cacao?  Do you have a favorite family recipe involving anything chocolate related that won't banish you if you shared it? Has someone inspired you or influenced your life with a hidden under note of chocolate? More of a vanilla type and don't understand chocoholics? Send me your stories!

Submissions may be in the form of story, poem, or illustration.  It's up to you how to show and tell it best.

Story:  An original piece of 1500 words or less that has not been published anywhere else only. A unique version or angle of a story that has been published is acceptable. Please include a link or reference of where to find your submitted story or material if previously published.

One Sentence Story: Short and sweet! Or bitter. Or spicy... you get it. Please submit a photo with your one sentence story.

Illustration: Preferably in the format of a comic strip. Surprise me.

Poetry:  200 words or less. All styles welcomed.

Recipe: Recipes will not be accepted alone. Please include one of the following: a story up to 1500 words, a one sentence story, or an illustration of your story involving the recipe. Recipes must be cited/credited to their original source. Poems and recipes together may be considered.

Photos: Please paste any photos you would like to include into the body of the email. Attachments will not be accepted. Photos submitted without a story to go along with them will not be accepted as a complete submission.

Other: If you would like to submit a piece that does not fall within these categories, please briefly describe it at the top of your email, and post your content into the body of the email following the guidelines below.

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Unsolicited submissions are currently accepted.

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Please follow the format instructions in the example below:

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