The Dog and the Chocolate Cupcake by Katelyn


I have always loved chocolate and was introduced to it at a young age. My dog, Tucke, and chocolate are two of my favorite things, but when they mix it’s a chocolate lover's nightmare.

It was my cousin’s birthday, and we were celebrating at my house. She brought cupcakes, and I personally think I got the best one. It was a huge, triple chocolate cupcake. Chocolate chip batter with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. It was heaven!

The sun was setting outside and a cool breeze blew on the trees, so I took my cupcake outside. What I didn't know then was that my dog had been thoroughly watching me and my cupcake. As I walked outside, my highly athletic dog jumped and grabbed just the icing off my cupcake! I was left with nothing but the slobbery chocolate bottom.

I was mad at Tucker for a while, but was glad he didn't get sick or hurt. I may not have gotten to enjoy the triple chocolate cupcake, but at least someone did, and I hope he liked it.