Two Pouches

There are these little stories, kind of silly moments that happen more often than I’d like to admit, but love to tell.

Today I found two black pouches in an old purse.

One pouch was velvet, with a thick white drawstring.

The other had a weird nylon feel, with a thin black drawstring.

5 imperfect spheres resembling stale black MnMs (sans Ms and Ns) poured out of the first pouch into my palm.

3 black rubber ear buds rolled out of the second.

I do not know how long they had been there.

I do not know what brand they were.  

I do not know who made them.

I do not know where they came from.

I do not know why anyone would blindly put something in their mouth.

Or ears.

Why do we blindly put anything into our bodies?