La Chocolacabra

Have you seen this creature?

You may have heard of the legendary Chupacabra, a Latin American kangaroo/coyote that whispers "come here", to lure its prey. From Spanish to English, Chupacabra translates to "goat sucker." Before you head for the highway at the first sound the desert wind carries, listen closely for the word "chocolate."  You may be in good company. In Far West Texas a rare subspecies has adapted to life in the high winds of the Chisos Mountains. 

Common Names: Chocolacabra, Choclacabra, Cacaocazadora, Chococazadora

Scientific Name: Not specified

Appearance: No current image available, described only vaguely as pale, feminine, smallish

Weight: 115-120 lbs soaking wet

Habitat:  Versatile. Mainly thrives outdoors, but is known to spend hours behind screens and tattered book covers.  Frequently visits farmer's markets and hiking trails in all climates. 

Diet: Omnivore, hunter of chocolate and cacao varietals

La Chocolacabra is most accurately described as an eater or hunter of chocolate, not "sucker" unless consuming cacao in beverage form. Mainly a solitary creature, she is not out for your soul or blood, but appears before others with good intentions.  If you are fortunate to encounter this rare creature, you may be featured in one of her many projects. She will ask you questions about chocolate with genuine interest. Most recent sightings of La Chocolacabra have been reported in various areas of the Hill Country region of Central Texas, and the Big Bend region near the U.S. Mexico Border, hiking with approximately 50 lbs of unusual camera equipment and a backpack.

Have you seen this creature?